Packaging Hope for Starving Children

We optimize your facility to reduce costs. You pledge a portion of the savings to a great cause.

We guarantee savings, you guarantee life.

Our experts deliver recommendations to help you save money. We ask that you pledge your savings to those in need.

We help you save, you agree to pledge part of your savings.

Latest News

Ryan unloading supplies in Haiti.
Rocket Industrial President Joins Team in Haiti Helping to Distribute Supplies

"A mud hut village about ten minutes from where we stayed. No electricity, no running water, no plumbing. We were helping to distribute..."

Mana Pack Rice Measuring
Feed My Starving Children Annual Report Numbers Surpass All Expectations

272,851,680 meal were produced by over 1,000,000 unique volunteers. 90% of all donation proceeds went directly to feeding 745,496 children daily.

National Supply Chain
Rocket Industrial’s National Supply Chain Pushes Project 100K Reach

We understand our clients urgency and understand our products keep our clients business operational. There is an amount of trust required..."

About Us

Our goal is to make a lasting impact on the future of children around the world. We’re providing 100,000 meals, through Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), to children in countries stricken by poverty . Project 100K is being piloted by Rocket Industrial as a way to engage companies to think about the way they do business.

Doing good for the world is good for business. Given products of similar price and quality, 87% of consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause. Employees want to be proud of where they work. 79% of employees feel a stronger sense of loyalty to their employer at companies that give back.

What's in the MannaPack™

With the input of scientists from major food companies in the Twin Cities area—including Cargill and General Mills—FMSC developed MannaPack™ Rice, a formula consisting of:

  • ■ Rice, the most widely accepted grain around the world.
  • ■ Extruded soy nuggets, providing maximum protein at lowest cost.
  • ■ Vitamins, minerals and a vegetarian flavoring.
  • ■ Dehydrated vegetables for flavor and nutrition.
manna pack rice bag

How It Works: Step by Step

Initial Meeting

Setup initial meeting with Rocket Industrial to quantify your packaging savings goals.

Packaging Health Assessment

Participate in our Packaging Health Assessment to identify opportunities to achieve your goal.

Results Presentation

We present you our recommendations and guarantee results at or above your goal.

Pledge Donation

Sign the Project 100K Pledge that states if Rocket Industrial achieves the results, then a percentage of your total savings will be donated to FMSC through Project 100k.

Save Lives

Your donation helps FMSC save the lives of starving children. You benefit as a business while giving back to the world.

Take the First Step

Setup your initial meeting in minutes.

Contact Rocket Industrial or your sales representative to setup your initial meeting and Packaging Health Assessment. Improve your employee engagement, give back, and do good. We're helping you help those in need.